JANUARY 19, 2021

Upcoming Beauty Trends of 2021

Seven of the leading beauty and cosmetic industry professionals predict the biggest trends and factors for the new year ahead.

Unfortunately 2020 was not the year that anybody anticipated. Due to the global pandemic, all spas and salons were caused to close and postpone trading. This then caused us to become our own hairstylist, dermatologist and manicurist many were unable to seek professional assistance. Check the terms and conditions for https://clickmiamibeach.com/ more details. However, as socialising was also postponed, so was applying makeup and trying any new beauty trends or habits. Therefore, these are the new trends and factors you should lookout for in the new year.

Monika Blunder – Celebrity Make Up Artist & Founder of Monika Blunder Beauty is a large advocate of natural beauty and encourages all to consider the ‘Less is more’ approach when applying makeup to their routine. She states that during the Pandemic many women did not need to apply as much or any makeup into their day to day routines. Makeup no longer need to be ‘perfect’ with a full face of foundation, lipstick, eyelashes and more, the natural look can be just as effective and allows women to empower their looks.

Sheena Yaitanes – Founder of Kosas Cosmetics brought a new found focus on to the top half of ladies faces due to the wearing of face masks being more common. She indicates “I see 2021 bringing even bigger emphasis on the whole upper part of the face – eyes, eyebrows and under eyes”. She continues “Fluffy brows, bold lashes and multitasking products will continue to take over complicated beauty routine”.

Dr Barbara Sturm – Aesthetics Doctor and Founder of Dr Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics suggests that more than ever individuals are taking more of an interest in the manufacturing, ingredient and safety of the products they are applying to their skin. More than ever, people were are focused on their health and well being trend with the desire to know ‘what products they are applying to themselves, do they work, what are the ingredients and are they ethically sourced?’ she says. She encourages all to take a greater interest in their daily beauty routine and consider the response it has on their skin welfare, complexion and general health.

Dr. Michelle Henry – board-certified dermatologist highlighted that during the 2020 pandemic, many individuals experienced hair loss due to the growing concern over a high level of uncertainty. As a result many individuals were taking more time and effort into their scalp care, she believes this will most likely continue in 2021. “There will be a ton of new launches in 2021, including some new and exciting new injectables that re made to look more natural and that have been successfully used in Europe for many years” she indicates.

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Source: Forbes, January 2021



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