JANUARY 23, 2019

Dessert looking skincare products

“Make sure your reasons for starting your business are genuine and for the love of the craft (industry) and not purely for the money. The money will come. But [if that is your sole aim] you might be frustrated out of the business before it does.” – Blondie Okpuzor, Owner, BathKandy Co.

Blondie Okpuzor is more than just a skincare entrepreneur, she’s an innovator and an artist. Okpuzor is the owner of BathKandy Co, a company that creates organic skin care products using unconventional raw materials like garri, rice, and cocoa. Like most entrepreneurs, Okpuzor started BathKandy to solve a problem for others, that she herself had battled and conquered; help men and women who struggle with different skin issues get better and more beautiful skin.

“As a result of a personal struggle with allergies ranging from food to soaps to water, I had to find something that helped to alleviate my discomfort and treat my skin so I started mixing natural oils and butter I found in my kitchen and they helped. Over time, people started asking me what I was using and that is how BathKandy started,” Okpuzor says.

Her products are not just made from unconventional organic materials, they are unconventional in appearance; newfangled dessert-looking soaps, lotion, scrubs, and even scented candles. BathKandy products bear a stunningly true-to-life resemblance to actual desserts. This is Okpuzor’s trademark.

“We create them that way because food is a unifying factor and is equally something that brings people together. Every memorable gathering is centred around food… Mirroring our products after desserts is intentional because it serves as an initial point of interest and a conversation starter,” she says. Celui- ci est completement naturel dont il resout aussi vite les problemes rendez sanofi vous priligy erectiles et permet de vous procurer une erection stable dans votre vie sexuelle. But more than that, creating her products that way is an indication of the foods she cannot eat due to her allergies.

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