APRIL 4, 2024

Cosmetics Business Reveals The Top 5 Male Grooming Trends of 2024 In New Report

Should celebrity investment serve as a gauge of an industry's vitality, then men's grooming appears to be embarking on a favourable trajectory.

The year 2024 has witnessed the emergence of new business endeavours from Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and LeBron James, unveiling their respective skincare and personal care brands for men in mainstream physical retailers across the US.

These ventures align with prevailing trends in male grooming. Papatui, Johnson's line, emphasizes confidence and self-care, while James' range, The Shop Men's Grooming Line, espouses values of performance, empowerment, and self-care.

The ongoing 'malepolish' phenomenon, propelled by celebrities, continues into 2024 with a collaboration between Pharrell Williams' Humanrace and Tyler, the Creator's Golf Le Fleur brands, introducing a new limited edition green nail polish.

What this trend underscores is the increasing inclination among men to explore diverse beauty and grooming products, be it facial moisturizers, beard creams, or nail polishes."Globally, men are broadening their grooming regimens, experimenting with new products, and placing greater emphasis on their appearance," asserts Lauren Goodsitt, Director of Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel.

The overarching theme in male grooming is a readiness and eagerness to incorporate more products, steps, and specialized items into grooming routines than ever before.

The expansion of the global men's grooming market, valued at $57.2 billion in 2023 with a growth rate exceeding 6% compared to 2022 according to Euromonitor International, mirrors the heightened interest among men in this category.

Additionally, Mintel data reveals that 28% of UK men aged 16-24 intend to prioritize enhancing their appearance in the upcoming year, while CACI data indicates that 13% of men anticipate an increase in their beauty expenditure in 2024, surpassing the 9% of women surveyed.

Nick Vaus, co-founder and Managing Partner at Free The Birds, remarks, "There's no denying the accelerated growth of this sector, poised for further expansion. Brands and businesses are recognizing the potential of the male grooming market and investing in innovative solutions for these increasingly discerning consumers."

In this analysis, Cosmetics Business delves into five pivotal opportunities for brands and retailers to cater to evolving demands among male consumers, spanning product development and conversations that foster confidence and self-esteem across all age groups.

Trend 1: Looksmaxxing: Is anyone engaging with adolescent boys?

While the beauty debut of Gen Alpha has garnered considerable attention in recent months, the focus has predominantly been on girls, overlooking the grooming habits of Gen Alpha boys.

Though not making waves in beauty stores, tween and teen boys have been quietly navigating their own grooming journeys.'Looksmaxxing' - the practice of maximizing one's appearance - has gained traction among younger Gen Z and older Gen Alpha boys on platforms like TikTok, offering tips on basic hygiene, skincare, and hair care.

However, looksmaxxing can veer into extreme territories with tutorials advocating drastic measures such as 'bone-smashing' (utilizing tools to alter facial structure) and steroid use to enhance physical attractiveness.

This trend explores how looksmaxxing addresses a high-demand need for guidance while highlighting the beauty industry's oversight in meeting the grooming needs of teen and tween boys, emphasizing the industry's obligation to do better.

Trend 2: Comprehensive deodorant solutions

An intriguing development in the deodorant market is the emergence of a new category of products designed to combat body odor across various body regions.

Deodorants are no longer confined to armpits; instead, brands are introducing odor-controlling products suitable for different parts of the body.

This trend has gained traction on TikTok, with the hashtag #FullBodyDeodorant garnering over 23 million views.

Major players like Unilever and Procter and Gamble are investing in this segment with newly launched ranges from Dove Men+Care and Old Spice, alongside innovations from rising stars like Hume Supernatural and LumeĢ, indicating the potential of comprehensive deodorant solutions.

Trend 3: Targeted eye care

The under-eye area ranks as the top concern for men, driving demand for products that alleviate dark circles and puffiness.

This trend is part of a broader shift witnessing more men opting for blepharoplasty - a surgical procedure addressing eyelid hooding or puffiness.

The appeal of products offering immediate benefits resonates with male consumers, prompting brands to encourage men to incorporate such products into their skincare routines.

Trend 4: Humour in male grooming advertisements

Male grooming ads have taken a comedic turn, injecting humour into marketing campaigns to attract male customers.

Recent adverts from Every Man Jack and Manscaped exemplify this trend, contributing to a broader scene of comedy-based campaigns enlivening the category's marketing landscape.

This comedic approach has gained traction in beauty marketing overall, as evidenced by campaigns like CeraVe's 'Fake News' commercial and California Naturals' humorous GRWM ad, signaling a shift towards lightheartedness in male grooming campaigns.

Trend 5: Sustainability initiatives targeting men

Despite women's greater emphasis on sustainability in beauty purchases, men lag behind in integrating sustainability into their buying decisions.

Experts outline strategies to encourage men to shop more sustainably, emphasizing the industry's role in fostering eco-conscious behaviors among male consumers and preparing for the preferences of Gen Alpha consumers.

Source: Cosmetic Business



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