OCTOBER 3, 2022

Clean Beauty on the rise in Africa

The rise of Clean Beauty in Africa has picked up quite rapidly in the African continent. The words organic and clean really started picking up in the early 2000’s, with people looking to be healthier and have a larger understanding of where their food was coming from.

Originally people were just looking into their eating habits, but as the knowledge of chemicals and artificial ingredients broadened, they started to look at other aspects of life. That is where the idea of clean beauty came from.

Organic is different to “all natural” or “clean” in the sense that it refers to the entire process from inception through to the value chain, meaning no pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, parabens and sulphates. Just because products such as all-natural ingredients and all-natural skincare are being derived from plants, minerals or animal by-products, does not mean they are organic.

The ORÍKÌ was founded 7 years ago, with the principle that the entire product range was all-natural. There was seen to be an area in the market left open for safe and natural products for skincare and personal grooming. In the West there’s been a rise in interest for product formulations and ingredients to be more particular and thought out. Nigeria is still fairly behind, several beauty brands have been catching on with clean, all-natural or organic products.

In Africa and Nigeria, it is still a new agenda. There are brands in the clean beauty space, but we are sitting on an underpinning of natural ingredients that have been barely recognised. The ingredients helping skin and the gap in the market means several brands are tapping into the area. ORÍKÌ Farm to Skin product range comes under this bracket. “We are on a mission to leave a piece of Africa with beauty consumers around the world, exposing the plethora of potent and effective natural ingredients abundant here.”

The general consumer population has become fearful of beauty products because of harmful chemicals and preservatives in formulations have been used such as formaldehyde.

It is vital that the public learn to be safe and buy from proven natural and clean ingredients. Several brands make the claim but have been seen to be making false declaration. It all starts by being able to read and ingredient label and recognising what is clean beauty.

It is the responsibility of the brand the greater consumer to be mindful of what is being consumed and sold in the beauty industry. At the end of the day, you will be wearing your skin for the rest of your life and it is worth looking after it properly.

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Source: The Guardian, September 2022



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