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Stand : 1A14
Shaikh Mohd. Saeed Est.

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Welcome into the realm of Shaikh Mohd. Saeed Group, a renowned perfume enterprise crafting exquisite fragrances headquarter in Dubai, UAE. The company was established by the Late Shaikh Mohd Saeed, a cognoscenti and connoisseur of fragrances who pioneered perfume manufacturing in the UAE as early as 1954. Today the our company deals with Arabic, Oriental and western perfumes. We are the manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of well know perfume brands such as Shaikh Saeed, Hunaidi, Dhammasons, Giovanni Bacci, Bernard-Dimitri, Paris Delice, Amirage, ARMAS, Aqua Arabia among others. With an enduring commitment to excellence, we invite you to experience the symphony of scents that define Shaikh Mohd. Saeed Group.

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Product Category: Perfumes and Fragrances

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