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First Cosmetics

Company Profile

- First Cosmetics was established in 1998 with an objective of importing hair care products and beauty salons equipment’s. - And we established the factory since 2004 to provide the local market with premium quality, AS all of our raw materials are European based. - Our factory is ISO 9001 certified. - First cosmetics is the leader of local cosmetics products in the Egyptian market for professional use sector. - Our manufactured products are always the chief choice for our consumers. - First cosmetics Brands BLOB Brand (full range of professional use products). HAIR WAY Brand (straightening and styling products ). Head Way Brand (Skin care products). BODY WAY Brand (full range of shower gel ). DEPI WAX Brand

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Country: Egypt

Product Category: Skincare, Hair, Cosmetics, Bodycare


hair way relaxer

Restore hair shine and softness by straightening hair The special product from First Cosmetics, which straightens the hair from the roots To the ends while maintaining the moisture and shine of the hair,


Blob Anti Frizz

It is a combination of antiaging hair protiens, restores hair from the inside out, making it more vitality and it also protects it from damaging and from the harmful environmental factors


Blob Hair Wax

Blob Wax Honey – coconut – argan – shea butter Natural extracts nourishing hair and long-lasting luster



Body Way Makhmaria, with an attractive and refreshing scent, and a non-greasy and texture that lasts 24 hours Natural oils to moisturize the body and hair - Non-greasy and fast absorbing - Lasting scent


Shower Gel

Blob shower gel with a mixture of French perfumes: - It gives smooth and attractive skin. - It Cleanses and purifies the skin from dust and dirt. - It helps remove dead skin. - It nourishes and moisturizes the skin. - provides the skin with comfort that lasts 24 hours.


Scrub Cream

blob scrab for the removal of dead skin cells and built-up dirt from the skin's surface. available in Milk , Collagen , Coffee , Gold , Coal , Caviar , Mud and Peach


Blob Argan Oil Set

Blob Hair Routine with Moroccan argan oil It is perfect solution for restoring stressed and damaged hair